VMware Cloud on AWS
Be a hybrid cloud hero. Extend your private cloud vSphere workloads to AWS Cloud — securely, rapidly and easily.

Solution Overview (pdf)
Top 5 Challenges of Extending Data Centers to the Public Cloud
The Top 5 Challenges of Extending Data Centers to the Public Cloud ebook provides timely, high-level awareness content on the unique advantages offered by the public cloud, roadblocks to integrating their on-premises data centers with the off-premises cloud, and guidance on achieving the best of both worlds.
Top reasons businesses choose VMware Cloud on AWS

Modernize at Scale
Modernize your applications with Tanzu services for an easy path to enterprise-grade Kubernetes. Or use cloud-native constructs to enrich existing applications with the full range of native AWS services.
Fast, Low-Cost Migration to the Cloud
Reduce the time, cost and risk of migrating vSphere workloads to the public cloud using the power of vMotion and HCX. Migrate individual apps or entire data centers without any conversions or downtime.
Proven Enterprise Infrastructure as a Service
Run business-critical apps on a familiar, feature-rich VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) that integrates vSphere, NSX and vSAN and is delivered as a cloud service on AWS.
Improved TCO with Cloud Economics
Save on total cost of ownership compared to traditional, distributed on-premises infrastructure thanks to efficient infrastructure, operations, resource utilization and on-demand consumption options.
Accelerate with VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Skills and Tools in the Cloud
No retraining your staff, hiring scarce talent, refurbishing tools or revamping processes needed to benefit from the agility, scale and innovation of public cloud.
Infrastructure Upkeep Outsourced to VMware
Free up time and resources from mundane day-to-day operations to focus on IT activities that are material to the business.
Elastic and On-Demand vSphere Environment
Deliver rapid time to value by spinning up an entire VMware SDDC in the AWS Cloud in under two hours. Then scale host capacity in minutes.
Single platform to run VMs, containers, and AWS services
Modernize vSphere workloads with Tanzu services- a portfolio of managed Kubernetes services and extend the value of enterprise applications with 200+ AWS services accessible over a high bandwidth, low latency network.
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