VMware Cloud Foundation
Efficiently manage virtual machine (VM) and container workloads. Deliver cloud benefits to on-premises, full-stack hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) deployments.

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Turnkey Platform for Multi-Cloud and Modern Apps
Simplified Management
Streamline operations with standardized, full-stack HCI. Deliver developer-ready infrastructure with automation and orchestration.
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Lower Costs
Achieve reduced CapEx and OpEx and lower TCO with streamlined operations and the broadest range of deployment options.
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Scalable, Consistent Architecture
Manage workloads on-premises or in the cloud. Extend the same infrastructure, operations, tools and processes everywhere for scalability without compromise for both enterprise and containerized apps.
Consolidated VM and Container Management
Optimize performance, resilience and availability for VMs and Kubernetes clusters with integrated container orchestration, delivered by VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu.
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VMware Cloud Foundation Features
Cloud Connected Services
Reduce maintenance windows and gain immediate access to new features with the new cloud-connected VMware Cloud Foundation+.
Broad Deployment and Consumption Options
Choose from cloud connected and disconnected deployment options, offering multiple subscription and as-a-service options for HCI. Utilize a portfolio of admin and developer cloud services.
Automated Provisioning
Quickly provision VMs and containers using standardized HCI building blocks for secure, consistent deployments at cloud scale.
Integrations and Services
Extensible full stack architecture deploys a cloud operating model that is extensible to data center, edge and cloud deployments.
Intrinsic Security
Deliver granular protection with micro-segmentation to the individual workload. Create context-aware security policies and leverage IDS/IPS to defend against lateral threats.
Cloud-Scale Networking
Enable your virtual cloud network with L2-L7 network and security virtualization that unlocks cloud-scale networking and performance through microsegmentation.
CenturyLink deployed full-stack HCI as the foundation of its cloud strategy.

Video Case Study
Rackspace updated their entire stack with VMware Cloud Foundation for better performance, time savings, and security.

Video Case Study
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