Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

What is SASE?

Merge wide area networking, security, and compute through a cloud-delivered service to securely connect users, applications, and apps regardless of location.

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SASE is the convergence of cloud networking and cloud security for simplicity, scalability, flexibility and pervasive security. Combining network security functions with WAN capabilities, SASE delivers secure, optimal and automated access to applications and workloads in the cloud by extending software-defined networking and security to the doorstep of major IaaS and SaaS providers. Regardless of the location of users and applications, SASE provides unified secure access from a single management platform.
Tolly Group Report: VMware Work from Home—Performance, VoIP, and Microsoft 365 User Experience Evaluation
The Tolly Group evaluated the performance of VMware SD WAN in environments simulating remote work and other scenarios. Download the report today to find out how
  • VMware SD WAN improved the quality of VoIP calls by up to 45 percent.
  • VMware SD WAN improved download time by up to 71 percent.
  • VMware and Intel co-engineered optimizations to support performance and security enhancements.
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Benefits of SASE

Cloud-First Approach
Enable multi-cloud interconnect with VMware SD-WAN cloud gateways. VMware SASE services are completely cloud-based and easy to consume and scale.
Assured Application Performance
Ensure user access and an optimized experience for mission-critical applications, even with a single link and degraded network conditions.
Intrinsic Security
Protect against attacks at all levels with robust security, including contextual access, network security, application protection and workload encryption.
Operational Simplicity
Simplify day 0-1 operations with automation and zero-touch provisioning. Transform day 2 operations and self-heal your network with actionable insights.
SASE Components
Decouples networking services from the underlying networks, allowing application traffic to be carried independently of the underlying physical or transport components.
Zero Trust Network Access
Shifts from network-centric security to an approach based on identity, location and context that “trusts no one,” granting authorized resources on-demand.
Cloud Web Security
Provides a set of cloud-based security services that include a secure web gateway (SWG), cloud access security broker (CASB), data loss prevention (DLP), and remote browser isolation (RBI).
Reduce network troubleshooting and optimization and improve the end user experience through network analytics, problem isolation and actionable remediation enabled by AI/ML.
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