VMware NSX
Build a cloud smart network with networking and security that enables consistent policy, operations, and automation across multiple cloud environments.

VMware NSX Cloud Datasheet

Exploring Hybrid Cloud Adoption and the Complexity of Securing East-West Traffic
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Connect and Protect the Multi-Cloud with Ease
Scale & Optimize Your Network with Agility
Simplify operations with a 100% software-defined networking overlay. Gain agility and speed for all your sites and clouds. See everything and ensure consistent infrastructure.
Deliver Self-Service Networking
Deliver the full cloud experience to your developers and enable them to move faster. Automate for one-click network provisioning and cut setup time from months to minutes.
Stop Ransomware with Lateral Security
Achieve granular micro-segmentation and context-aware policies for each workload. Apply advanced security that goes beyond connections to conversations.
Key NSX Capabilities
L2-L7 Network Stack and Overlay Services
Efficiently operate and deliver new services in seconds with a highly scalable, automated layer-2 to layer-7 networking, security, and load-balancing platform for any workload.
Multi-Site Networking and Security
Manage multiple environments from a single console. Deploy consistent networking and security to keep configuration and operational state synchronized across all sites.
Network Agility for vSphere Environments
Accelerate networking and security provisioning with the NSX console built directly into vCenter, while providing guided workflows with no changes to existing vSphere networking.
Network and Micro-Segmentation
Easily deploy network and micro-segmentation by defining segments in software—no network changes or traffic hairpinning with discrete appliances required.
Advanced Threat Prevention
Protect against malicious threats and ransomware with technologies such as IDS/IPS, Sandboxing, and NTA/NDR that reduce false positives and accelerate remediation.
Planning, Observability, and Intelligence
Eliminate security blind spots and gain deep insights with SecOps consoles, firewall policy recommendations, and management built into the hypervisor.
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