VMware Carbon Black Endpoint
See and stop more attacks with a cloud native endpoint and workload protection platform that adapts to your environment and the evolving threat landscape.

Solution Overview (.pdf)
Solve Your Toughest Security Challenges
Detection and Response

Respond quickly with alert monitoring and triage services. Gain insight and guidance into threat remediation and quarantine by communicating with MDR analysts.
Proactively Detect and Stop Emerging Attacks
Fortify Endpoint and Workload Protection
Legacy approaches fall short as cybercriminals update tactics and obscure their actions. Get advanced cybersecurity fueled by behavioral analytics to spot minor fluctuations and adapt in response.
Recognize New Threats
Analyze attackers’ behavior patterns to detect and stop never-before-seen attacks with continuous endpoint activity data monitoring. Don’t get stuck analyzing only what’s worked in the past.
Simplify Your Security Stack
Streamline the response to potential incidents with a unified endpoint agent and console. Minimize downtime responding to incidents and return critical CPU cycles back to the business.
VMware Carbon Black Cloud Features
Next-Gen Antivirus and Behavioral EDR

Analyze attacker behavior patterns over time to detect and stop never-before-seen attacks, whether they are malware, fileless or living-off-the-land attacks.
Managed Alert Monitoring and Triage

Gain 24-hour visibility from our expert security operations analysts who provide validation, context into root cause, and automated monthly executive reporting.
Real-Time Audit and Remediation
Easily assess your current system state to track and harden the security posture of all your protected devices.
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